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The Best 50 MBA Interview Questions and Responses for 2024 | Simplilearn

Interview is the final step of your MBA admission process and the most crucial one. It is the leg where college admission experts would sit with you to understand your skills and capabilities to understand whether you are the right fit for their university or not. The recruiters want to know why you desire an MBA and what value it brings to your career. These MBA interview questions can be quite intimidating. Here are some frequent MBA interview questions and answers that will help you reach your dream B-school!

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Top 15 MBA Interview Questions 

Here are 15 most common interview questions asked by MBA aspirants - 

1. Tell me something about yourself.


Answer this question by talking about your background, experience, and accomplishments concisely and straightforwardly. Limit your response to two to three minutes and establish essential talking points about the school or program. Prepare to state : 

  • Your undergraduate experience and why you chose the major that you did.
  • Work experience and accomplishments from the past and present.
  • Your career objectives and the path you've taken to understand what matters most to you in your chosen field.

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2. What motivates you to pursue a graduate business degree?

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Interviewers will next try to figure out why do you want to pursue MBA?. Explain why you want to get a master's degree in business administration and how it will help you reach your career goals. Emphasize the precise talents you want to develop and how they relate to the field, job function, or sector you're interested in. What prompted you to pursue this degree at this time? 

Interviewers look for a well-researched, considered approach to the task the candidate is willing to embark on. So answer holistically in a way that shows your willingness to join the course aptly.

3. Why do you want to join this business school?

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The interviewer may ask this MBA interview question directly or "why you're interested in this program or area." At this point, you must share all of the reasons why the school or program is the best fit for you. Faculty, culture, curriculum, industry contacts, and job placement are all things to consider. State down the features that distinguish the school or program and why you are interested in them. Your response will aid the interviewer in visualizing you as a future college student.

4. Why should we take you in?

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Interviewers try to put you on the spot by directly asking why the university should choose you for the program. Use this MBA interview question to demonstrate your ability to handle topics now and with proof to back it up. Mention your achievements, emphasize the abilities you've developed so far in your career, and explain how your academic and professional experience will benefit others in the program.

5. Discuss your achievements as leader.

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Interviewers at business schools look for future solid leaders. Prepare ample examples of times when you have shown leadership in professional, volunteer, or community positions. Discuss the projects you spearheaded and the outcomes you obtained. What role do your talents play in the circumstance, and what lessons you learned along the road helped you better as a leader. 

6. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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You may be asked two different questions regarding your strengths and weaknesses or one combined question. In any case, the interviewer looks for evidence of your humility and self-awareness. Begin with describing your flaws, such as giving a story about how you overcame a personal weakness. It's relatively simple to handle strengths from there: Choose one or two that you believe distinguish you from the competition and back them up with specific instances. Start with observing a personal characteristic and how it contributes to measurable beneficial outcomes.

7. What aspects of your current job do you enjoy?

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Use this chance to describe your current position and what you enjoy. Mention how this job's experience will benefit you in the future. Describe how completing particular jobs assisted you in finding your interest or how your employees may have aided you in deciding to seek an MBA.

8. What are your immediate and long-term objectives?

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Your short-term goals should contain items you can accomplish right away and how you plan to accomplish them. Your long-term objectives are driven by your passions and interests and how an MBA can help you achieve them better in your career. 

9. How would an MBA help you advance in your career?


This crucial MBA interview question requires a thorough response because it decides why you want to get an MBA. This is where you should explain why an MBA is vital to you at this point in your life. And why any other degree related to your field of interest may not be able to achieve the same results as an MBA. You might also describe your long-term objectives to provide a more comprehensive response.

10. Are you a team player? Describe.

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Team building and supportive skills are just as crucial as leadership abilities. You should present yourself as accommodating but firm. Remember to use concrete examples here as well.

11. What would your co-workers, supervisor, or friends say about you?

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Emphasize both your professional and personal traits. It's most likely the person who wrote your letter of recommendation, if they say, supervisor. As a result, avoid making things up because any inaccuracies may create suspicion. Here, try to paint an authentic picture of yourself.

12. How do you make the most of your resources?

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This question may appear redundant, yet the answer is much different from "Why this school?" This is because answering this question will necessitate a much more detailed investigation of the department and the resources it provides. If you haven't done your homework, the admission committee/interviewer will quickly dismiss you as someone who isn't as interested in the program.

13. Have you applied to any other schools?

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This is a tricky MBA interview question. It may appear obnoxious or forthcoming, but do not take it that way. Instead, respond to the query, list a few schools you're applying to, and explain why you chose them. Try not to display your preference for one school over another because this may backfire.

14. Describe a period when you had an inept manager and how you dealt with the situation.

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Another difficult question. It would help if you approached this topic in a way that you do not depict your manager as inept or that they had a cause for such behavior and how you handled it non-aggressively. This will help show your growth and maturity as a person and professional.

15. Do you have any concerns or inquiries about the school or program?

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Prepare at least one or two solid questions for the interviewer if you are allowed to ask about the program or the admissions process. Genuine inquiries demonstrate your curiosity and prior research. If possible, ask elaborative questions about subjects throughout the talk, demonstrating active listening during your time together. Avoid questions that can be answered by examining the school's website or marketing materials; these can make you appear unprepared in your interview, hurting your chances.

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